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About Rita Noon

Rita Noon is an image consultant based in Queensland, Australia.

 rita noon Rita's path to becoming an image consultant had its seeds in her previous career as a recruitment professional. What she noticed on a regular basis was that although many people had top-notch skills and experience, the haphazard way that they dressed detracted from their abilities. Their clothes often made for a poor first impression, and undermined their chances of getting the job.

Rita began utilizing her own love of fashion to guide candidates in choosing the right interview outfit. Not only did they land the position, but her advice helped them put together a functional work wardrobe.

After the birth of her daughter, Rita elected to work part-time from home. A short time later, she met a professional image consultant who introduced her to the concept of dressing for body shape and natural coloring. She began passing this new knowledge on to her clients, and realized that she had a flair for teaching. She decided to enroll in an image consulting course, and embarked on a second career, coaching people on choosing the best clothes for their shape, color and lifestyle.

Now that her daughters are grown, Rita has chosen to share her information on the Internet and make it available to women (and men) around the world. With over 18 years' experience in the image consultancy field, Rita has changed the lives of many women, teaching them that dressing can be a pleasure rather than a chore. To read testimonials from Rita's clients, please click on our Testimonials page.

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