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Rita currently offers two kinds of Style & Color consultations:
1. Personal Consultation:

Computerised figure analysis will provide a comprehensive grading system to be used with your style workbook. In this book you will find illustrations of clothing, your unique analysis will grade each piece of clothing for you. You will be shown your very best styles and you will see the styles that are not your most flattering. The style is the shape of the clothing - your most flattering shapes will work best with your individual shape.

Personalised colour coding will introduce you to the most flattering shades of colour for you. You will be shown the difference between shades and you will receive a wallet of your most enhancing shades. There are many different shades of each colour - learn your most flattering and they will work for you, for ever. It relates to clothes, shoes, make-up, hair colour and jewellery. Colours are easy to learn, fun to master and knowledge you will use every time you shop.

Once you combine the most flattering colours with the most complimnentary styles, you are on your way to the perfect wardrobe.

The next, and possibly, most important step is to use this information to make choices that suit your personality.

Style and Colour are tools to assist your personality to shine through your clothes.

Save time! Save money! Look good! Feel great!

Cost: $297.00
[Seniors and Student discounts available]

2. Group Consultations:

If you put together a small of of 5-10 individuals, Rita can offer you a group program at a substantial discount for each person.

Cost: $197.00 per person
Consultation Enquiries:

To enquire about a personal or group consultation, please contact Rita through the Contact Us page.

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