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Rita has just launched her first ebook, Get Dressed, Not Stressed, a treasure trove of fashion makeover secrets for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

If you've ever felt you could look much better than you do - if only you knew the right clothes to buy - this may be just what you're looking for.

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Rita was recently interviewed by Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper on the art of packing for a summer holiday. In this short interview Rita reveals how you can create a versatile holiday wardrobe with only six pieces of clothing.

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The Gold Coast Bulletin interviewed Rita about her computerized fashion makeover program. Rita's client, Leonie Featherstone, was on hand to illustrate how choosing the right colors and shapes for your body type can make a radical improvement in your appearance.

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Some years ago Rita was featured in an article on fashion makeovers in the now defunct Family Circle magazine. The article chronicled a complete makeover of a young mother, including photos of each stage of the process.

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Are You A Walking Fashion Disaster?

No one wants to be the subject of snide comments or derisive whispers because of the way they dress.

With a little inside knowledge, you can learn to look great whatever you wear.

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Need Some Help To Look Your Best?

Did you know that your size, your weight and your age are not the most important aspects of looking good?

Rita Noon spills the beans on how any woman can look fabulous RIGHT NOW armed with the right knowledge.

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