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  • You may dream about treating yourself to a fashion makeover but can't seem to find the time to find out how. Now's your chance! Image consultant Rita Noon is offering one lucky Gold Coast resident the opportunity to get her full fashion makeover program FREE. Visit this page for details.
  • Many women are completely unaware of these seven major fashion disasters and how they can make even the most attractive person look dowdy. Click here to learn what they are and how to avoid them.
  • Rita Noon currently offers both personal and group consultations to clients around Australia. For more information, visit this page.
  • Here is a list of Rita's recent and future events.
  • Here's how to book your workshop with Rita Noon.
  • Our articles were written to help you navigate through the sometimes confusing array of fashion makeover experts and image consultants. Here are the articles we've uploaded to date.

Are You A Walking Fashion Disaster?

No one wants to be the subject of snide comments or derisive whispers because of the way they dress.

With a little inside knowledge, you can learn to look great whatever you wear.

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Need Some Help To Look Your Best?

Did you know that your size, your weight and your age are not the most important aspects of looking good?

Rita Noon spills the beans on how any woman can look fabulous RIGHT NOW armed with the right knowledge.

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