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The following is a testimonial from Shauna Teaken, one of Rita's many clients:
shauna teaken testimonialAbout 13 years ago, I was re-entering the work force after being a stay at home mum. I had bought a small business and I knew that to take it where I wanted it to be, I had to look the part. I needed a snappy business wardrobe that reflected my personality yet reflected professionalism and confidence. I went to Rita for a consultation and it was the best business and personal growth investment I have ever made!

What it did for my confidence was amazing in so many ways. I truly thought up until then that I had an odd body which was impossible to dress. Big bum, big thighs, long waist - uuuurk!

Despite having grown up in a beach culture, I had never felt comfortable in a swimming costume and I rarely wore jeans, if ever. Rita sorted out my proportions and we discovered I could look terrific and feel comfortable, all the while with my own distinct style. At the age of 37, I had confidence at the beach because I found a style that suited my body shape!

I could wear jeans and feel great! The business wardrobe was so easy! I had my guidelines to follow and no sales person was going to put me off track. ( BTW - I doubled the turnover of that little business in just one year!)

I have to say that people always say, "Oh it's easy for you, you have a great body!" I don't – but I am kind to myself: I only buy and wear what enhances my good features and downplays my not so good!

So all these years later - I have a very small wardrobe of stuff I love - which I add to occasionally. It all works together colour-wise and style wise. Shoes and belts work with everything, too.

If I see something on sale, I can only be tempted if it fits my criteria as to "Will this suit my body and is it the right colour?" If it isn't, I don't buy it! And I always seem to pick up fab stuff on sale!

Thank you Rita, this is something hollywood celebs have had for ever - a personal stylist who guides and educates you to look and feel fabulous all the time!

Shauna Teaken

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