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Testimonial 2

The following testimonial is from Moana Robinson, Arbonne manager:
moana robinson testimonial I would like to recommend the service provided by Rita Noon, Image Consultant.

I met Rita in November 2009 and made an appointment to see her to assist with colours and styling. I had never been to an image consultant before, and although have been told I am good with knowing what styles and colours to wear, I did want some guidance in this area as I am a skin care consultant for a botanically-based premium Swiss skin care company and need to always look my best.

I do love clothes and shoes but knew that I must have made some incorrect choices, as (like most women) I have a lot of both that I just don't wear for some reason. I now know that the reason is that they are the incorrect colour for my skin tone and/or the incorrect length, fit or style for my body shape and height. There is a reason that we always go to our favourite clothes – usually because we feel really good in them or know that we look the best in these clothes or shoes.

Rita explained everything to me in a very professional, friendly and “memorable” manner so that I really took on board what she told me. This has been invaluable since, because I have not made those same purchasing mistakes by trying to guess whether a particular garment is my colour or style.

My goal was to pare down my wardrobe to only those clothes that suit me and bring out the best of my colouring and shape. There is no point in spending time putting on makeup to enhance our appearance if the colour of the clothes we are wearing is going to drain the colour from our face or make us look tired. Also, even if we endeavour to maintain a good physique, the incorrect style jacket, trousers or skirt can accentuate the “not so good” parts of our body.

Rita has a caring, professional manner and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending her services to anyone wishing to portray their best image. We all know that first impressions count, but it is so good to think that you can have everything in your wardrobe capable of portraying the best impression. The investment you make with Rita will save you hundreds of $$ forever after.

I am very happy to provide a verbal reference if anyone wishes to contact me to confirm this, but I am sure that after meeting Rita you will feel confident that she can help you with your image.

Moana Robinson Dip.B.Th.
JP (Qual)
Manager, Arbonne

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