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This testimonial from is Sam Beau Patrick, owner of the Health Queen brand:
sam beau patrick testimonial Well, I'm not a fashionista , and I don’t really enjoy clothes shopping, but I desperately needed to do something with my wardrobe as I am building a brand and national speaking presence. Fortunately I found Rita Noon.

Rita has been a long term mentor for many reasons but mostly for her down to earth, no-fuss approach to getting the most out of life. She has extended this to fashion and wardrobe (and budget) management.

Spending 2 hours with Rita, taking measurements, and doing a colour analysis and style assessment, has been the best thing I have done for ages. It’s more than a wardrobe issue. It’s looking the best and therefore feeling the best that one can, even in one’s daggy clothes.

I have no doubt that Rita has saved me thousands, and in the future, she has saved me hours of not trying on clothes from the rack, as I now know the colour isn’t right, nor is the cut or style.

Rita is excellent and professional, as well as sensitive (as this can be a confronting issue for some, I am sure). I highly recommend and urge people to have Rita come to them to save them time, money and, most of all, to help them to FEEL FANTASTIC!

Thank-you Rita!

Sam Beau Patrick

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