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Testimonial 4

The following testimonial is from Leonie Featherstone, professional training coordinator:
leonie featherstone testimonial For years I have been buying things that either seemed a "good buy at the time" or were for a particular occasion. I often found that some of these outfits ‘didn’t seem quite right’ and they would inevitably sit ‘untouched’ in the back of the wardrobe and I would regret the money I’d paid for them.

Following my Colour & Style consultation with Rita – I now understand ‘why’ those outfits never saw the light of day. They weren’t right for ‘me’!

Life is now so much simpler! I still ‘like’ some styles but I know at a glance that they won’t ‘like me’ so I move on! Gone are the agonizing hours pawing through racks and racks of clothes! A quick glance around at ‘lengths’ of jackets, necklines and colours eliminates unnecessary ‘try-ons’ and has my shopping done in next to no time! Now that I know what works for me, I buy the right things every time.

Since my initial consultation, I have purchased a number of pieces that are now the basis of what I wear the most. I feel great in my clothes, I can get dressed in the morning knowing that my clothes are perfect for a breakfast meeting, delivering a training session, embarking on a flight and attending a business dinner.

All that from one outfit!

Now that I know what to wear and therefore what to buy, I have cleaned out my wardrobe and have more space, less clothes and lots more choices of outfits. Most importantly, I have lots less stress!

Both the Colour and Style component of the consultation are equally important to me as the combined knowledge I have gained means I can identify both the styles AND the colours that will have me looking my best!

My friends and colleagues are now thanking ‘me’ for sending them along to benefit from Rita’s Image services.

Leonie Featherstone
Training Co-ordinator
Phoenix Trading

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