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The following is a testimonial from Berit Munro, real estate professional:
berit monro testimonialRita, I thought I’d drop you a quick line to say a HUGE thank you for my consultation with you.

Following the session, I donated unsuitable items from my existing wardrobe to charity and, armed with my colour swatches and the “shape instructions”, I headed off to my least favourite leisure activity - clothes shopping. However, the whole process was far more efficient, and I have to confess, rather enjoyable. In the boutiques and department stores, I was able to quickly assess rack after rack and eliminate the items that would be unsuitable. This narrowed down the choice, and I no longer felt overwhelmed by what was on offer.

Assembling a new corporate wardrobe was time and cost efficient, utilising all I learnt in your session. I now have clothes that will mix and match easily and make me feel and look professional.

I would highly recommend your styling consultation to anybody who has lost confidence on what to wear at work or at leisure. No more fashion faux pas! Getting the colour, the style and the fabric right all the time, every time, is now child’s play and loads of fun, and will save me money in the long term. Thanks again.

Kindest regards,

Berit Munro
Real Estate Agent

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