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A testimonial from Joy Paddison:
joy paddison testimonialMy first consultation with Rita was a shock but also amazing.

I was shocked because I had spent so many years wearing the WRONG styles and colors, and amazed at the difference the RIGHT styles and colours made to my appearance.

That was fourteen years ago and I am still a devotee of all things ‘image and style’. I still have my original colour swatches, and even though I’m sure that after 14 years I am fairly secure in my colour choices, I still refer to it on the odd occasion just to make sure.

My clothing style has matured over the years but the basic guidelines are still there and still apply to my body type, even though I weigh a ‘bit’ more, and each new season I check the various fashions against Rita’s recommended guides. And yes, even though my size may have changed, the styles recommended by Rita still apply.

My greatest compliment was probably when a girlfriend of my 18-year-old son told him that his mum was ‘stylin’! When he told me, he said I would have to thank Rita!

I have never particularly enjoyed clothes shopping, especially change rooms and struggling with a stack of clothes, not being sure if they are ‘right’ until I put them on. It is amazing how Rita’s guidelines simplify the whole ‘shopping thing’ when you know exactly what to avoid and what to aim for - mostly what you try is right, and best of all, you look good because it is the right style and colour for your body type.

I can’t recommend Rita highly enough and would have to say, do yourself a favour and contact Rita. Not only will you save yourself an enormous amount of time and expense (no more brand-new unworn clothes in the wardrobe) but you will look fabulous as well.

Joy Paddison
Ozfarm Services

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