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What is a Wardrobe Consultant?

A wardrobe consultant falls into two categories. The first is related to interior design, and this consultant will advise you on how to choose the best-shaped wardrobe or closet for your bedroom. He or she will also show you how to organize your dresses, skirts, shirts and shoes.

A wardrobe consultant in the fashion industry is the person who will show you how, using color and shape, to create a perfect wardrobe. Now, a wardrobe consultant who is not an image consultant will do similar things to fashion stylists and fashion consultants: they'll show you how to build a whole wardrobe of clothes that all theoretically work together. But they don't work with the person as an individual, with a unique skin tone and body shape.

The Limitations of a Wardrobe Consultant

A wardrobe consultant focuses on choosing a lot of pieces for your wardrobe that will all work together. Which is fantastic, if you happen to be the particular shape and coloring that the consultant is working with. A wardrobe consultant will walk through a store and find all sorts of clothing that will match, or will co-ordinate with each other. They'll find you clothes for work, clothes for casual wear, shoes that go with the clothes, handbags that go with everything, and possibly the odd holiday outfit. All of which looks great in your closet, but it's like opening one of those doors in a television program where everything looks perfect.

But the result depends on who opens that door. If it's me who opens that door, the wardrobe that I see might suit you or somebody else, but it's never going to suit me. That's the danger. A wardrobe consultant makes everything in your closet work together; an Image Consultant makes everything in your closet work for you. Yes, they both help create a wardrobe full of nice clothing, but with one, it's the clothing that's the focus, and for the other, it's the individual. So wardrobe consultants and image consultants are like two strings of the same bow, but with different starting points.

Wardrobe Consultant vs Image Consultant

A wardrobe consultant could create a perfect wardrobe of black, white, blue-red, navy, grey, hot pink and burgundy, and it would look superb on a Winter (one of the four color categories we use). Now I'm an Autumn, so if I opened that closet door I'd have to say "That's great, but there's nothing for me to wear here." Whereas an image consultant working with an Autumn would fill that closet with cream, dark brown, olive green, rusty colors and possibly some orange colors. THAT is what would work for an Autumn.

So a wardrobe consultant will co-ordinate it all beautifully, but an image consultant will work with Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter colorings and co-ordinate the clothes with both the client's coloring and their shape. Color and shape come first, then clothing selection and co-ordination.

In essence, the wardrobe consultant really doesn't need the client to be present. They can go ahead and co-ordinate a wardrobe full of clothes beautifully based solely on the client's dress size. So if you want to hire a wardrobe consultant, you need to be very knowledgeable about your skin tone and body shape, and give them very specific instructions on what kind of garments (color and shape) you want in your wardrobe.

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